The Driver Demon
Nate abell driver

The Driver rises from the depths to finally face the heroes.

Nate abell driver with red key

The Driver with it's key, the prize.

Nate abell driver renders

Modeled in Medium and rendered in Modo

Nate abell 009 key

Concept for the Driver's Key

Nate abell paintings roughs


The Driver Demon

'The Driver was hewn from an obsidian block made of pure greed, the Driver is an ancient horror. It is drawn to the ties of bondage, the crack of whips on flesh, the weeping of the subjugated and the greed of the subjugator. Draped in a myriad of sentient chains that are both its weapons and armor, its purpose is enslavement and terror.'

A mood illustration and supporting concepts from a fictional film "The Driver" a fantasy horror film and the subject of StoryForge's ninth asset pack.

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